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Métafil-laGirolle SA
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Work examples

Machine-tools, unit pre-assembly

Machine-outils, pré-montage d’ensemble Machine-outils, pré-montage d’ensemble Machine-outils, pré-montage d’ensemble

Machining of complex parts to severe specifications and tolerances.

Machine-outils, pré-montage d’ensemble machine-outil_05  

Pre-assembly or final assembly of units.

Precision soldering/machining

mecano-soudure_01 mecano-soudure_02 mecano-soudure_03

Assembly and machining of soldered high precision components made of stainless steel, special steels, ...

Tools, special boreholes

outillage_01 outillage_02 outillage_03

Manufacturing of customised toolings to various specifications.


hydroelectrique_01 hydroelectrique_02 Hydroélectrique

Machining from the solid stainless material of the cavities of forged Pelton wheels.


Médical medical_02 medical_03

Manufacturing of precision parts or prototypes for medical or dental applications.


Aéronautique aeronautique_02 aeronautique_03

Machining of complex aircraft parts, made of Titanium and Inconel 718, to specifications.


automation_01 automation_02 automation_03

Machining of elements for automation and robotics, made of various materials.



Latest Information

SIAMS 2022

Discover our Multi-axis CNC lathes at the SIAMS from 5th to the 8th April 2022.


ISO Certification

Our quality management according to ISO 9001-2015 complies with the most exacting requirements of the market. Last renewal of the certification on January 11th, 2021.