Video Métafil D10

Vidéo Métafil D10

Multi-axis CNC lathes

Our range of CNC lathes consists of 3 machines that have been entirely developed and constructed in Switzerland in our workshops in Lajoux.

They are designed for the production of complicated parts used in watchmaking or the fields of medical, dental and microtechnology.

New métafil D3R

This new CNC lathe has been produced according to the same conceptual principles as the previous models. However, it is even more compact, and fulfils the requirements for machining highly precise, small parts that are typically used in the fields of microtechnology and watchmaking.

métafil D10 and métafil D13

Compact and of modular design, the D10 and D13 models lend themselves to the production of delicate and highly demanding parts. With their range of configurations for 5 to 12 machining axes, they are extremely versatile even with a relatively modest set of standard tools.

Métafil D10


Latest Information

SIAMS 2022

Discover our Multi-axis CNC lathes at the SIAMS from 5th to the 8th April 2022.


ISO Certification

Our quality management according to ISO 9001-2015 complies with the most exacting requirements of the market. Last renewal of the certification on January 11th, 2021.